If you are looking to receive pitching or hitting lessons in Los Angeles, California for yourself or your son, our instructors can work with your player privately on any aspect of the game he needs to improve upon. We can also work with your club team and run a professional practice at the field of your choice. Choose an instructor, set up a lesson, and start improving today.

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Sherman Oaks Van Nuys Memorial Park

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What is your typical process for working with a new student?

We start by shaking hands. We say “Shake it to break it.” Come with a firm handshake, it is VERY IMPORTANT no matter how old you are. Learn it from a young age.

From there, we start with a dynamic warm up focusing on what I call a “championship routine.” This routine involves a mix of yoga, pilates, and calistentics and it is designed to help players prepare their body properly in order to minimize the risk of injury. After having a total hip replacement at the age of 19 and training my body to play professionally for 7 years after my surgery, I have a deep understanding of the dynamics of the body and a tremendous respect for creating great routines for my players as well as myself.

What type/level of students do you work with?

I work with students from age five and all the way up to professionals, and everywhere in between. My ideal student is one who loves coming to practice, does what I say to the best of their ability at all times, and has a true passion to excel as a player and a person.

I am/was a left handed pitcher and I especially enjoy working with other young lefties. I specialize in lefty pick off moves. If you have a young lefty, I’m definitely your guy.

How did you get started teaching?

I have loved baseball since I was 9 years old. I knew without a shadow of a doubt that I wanted to play in the big leagues starting at the age of 10. I experienced a tremendous amount of adversity throughout my pursuit of making it to the big leagues in my life, and I never actually made it. What I did do in my pursuit was travel all over the world playing this great game and it also showed me what it is to #GetMADE. I use this mantra with my players because it is about elevating oneself to a higher level of purpose in sport and pushing oneself to improve on a daily basis, religiously and fundamentally. It is practiced, it is learned, and it is refined…EVEryday.

I love teaching youth players and it provides me with great purpose. To me, baseball has always been a portal through which I have been able to maintain a positive attitude and laser focused drive, and in turn it has helped create the positive and strong person and man that I am today.

What types of students have you worked with?

I work with students from age 6 all the way up to professionals, and everywhere in between. My ideal student is one who loves coming to practice, does what I say to the best of their ability at all times, and has a true passion to excel as a player and a person.

I am/was a left handed pitcher and I especially enjoy working with other young lefties. I specialize in lefty pick off moves. If you have a young lefty, I’m definitely your guy.

What is your approach to teaching the baseball students you teach?

My approach is slightly different with each player I train depending on the age, skill level, and goals the player establishes with me upon the first training session. I prefer to work with players that are passionate and serious about the game, and invest their own time outside of our training sessions to do what it takes.

Although, I am happy to work with those that are younger and/or still at a point where baseball is new and thought of more as an extra-curricular activity. There are many things to learn in the game of baseball that help young men learn how to be better people, so anyone that has any interest in baseball at all with greatly benefit from training with me.

First, we will identify why you are training with me in the first place. We will then establish the goals you set forth with our training, and what you are willing to do in order to achieve those goals.

What advice would you give a student looking to hire a teacher in your area of expertise?

Find out where they have played. Experience is often the best measure of knowledge in this game, as with anything in life. Although, just because someone is an experienced player, that does not always translate into an effective coach and communicator. It is important to give a coach a chance and go to at least five or more sessions in order to get a good feel for what their coaching style is and to get the most out of the that particular coach’s knowledge that you can.

What questions should students think through before talking to teachers about their needs?

Really, the questions they should be asking should be to themselves. The student needs to determine in his/her mind if baseball is something they are willing to commit their time, effort, energy, and ultimately heart into. If they are willing to do that, there is almost a guarantee that their experience with any coach they encounter will be a positive one that creates advantages for them in their career.

How are you different than other baseball instructors in Los Angeles?

I separate myself from other baseball instructors by focusing on attitude and approach to the game. To me, succeeding in anything starts with your attitude and your approach. This is “The MADE Way.”

If you choose to train with me you can expect to work hard, have fun, and get the most out of every single training session we have together. My main requirement from my players is that they show up with a great attitude and maintain a strong desire to improve, as a player and a person, every single session, every single day.

What comes with working with you and the MADE Baseball Program beyond the in person training sessions?

If applicable and/or when the time comes, I love helping my players/families get in contact with the right people and advise them of a good path in order to get to the next level. i.e; youth club team, high school, college, pro, independent ball

Also, I always do my best to provide pictures and videos of the sessions free of charge when I can. This is not necessarily included, although I do provide video analysis as a service as well, but I try to get videos to players that ask for them in raw form when I can.

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MADE Services

Private Baseball Instruction

We provide private baseball instruction in the greater Los Angeles area. We can work with your player on pitching, hitting, fielding, base running, and the mental fundamentals of the game.


On-line Baseball Coaching

We provide remote baseball coaching for youth players around the country. We can work with your player in real time or we can analyze your players video and give feedback.


Annual Baseball Camp

MADE Baseball provides an annual baseball camp in Los Angeles for youth players. All instructors have professional baseball experience and we work hard and have a blast from the beginning to the end of camp every year.


Baseball Training Programs

MADE Baseball provides customized baseball training programs for youth players all the way to professional. No matter where you are in your career, we have a program that will accelerate your development.


MADE Family

“Isaac has a strong knowledge of pitching based on his years of experience at many levels and in many leagues. Equally important, he made my son feel comfortable at all lessons. His buy in to my child’s success was genuine.”
Steve H., Phoenix, AZ
“My son Calvin, age 16, has been taking pitching lessons with Isaac for the past several years. In that time, Calvin’s pitching has improved tremendously over this time. It’s not just pitching that Isaac teaches, he is very thorough in his approach as he begins with his dynamic stretching exercises, which Isaac consistently encourages him to do on his own, then goes to developing the strength not only in his arm, but his entire body. No other instructor has done this.”
Jeff S., Scottsdale, AZ
“I cannot express how grateful we are to have found Isaac and his MADE Baseball program. It has been such a great experience for our son Miguel. He is learning a ton of new techniques and is pushing himself more every day. Working with Isaac and his coaches has greatly improved his skills and his confidence both on and off the field.
Nicole V., Cave Creek, AZ


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