Annual MADE Baseball Camp

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 #GettinMADE on a Sunday. Couple things we talked about today...getting momentum behind our throw, behind our swing, and behind anything that we need to go forward. It’s a pretty easy principle to think about in life as well. If you want something to move forward, start by gathering some momentum in its direction. Keep it simple. #baseballtraining #hittingtraining #championtraining  I’m stoked to team up with @coachup to help reach more kids and help them #GetMADE through the game of baseball #EVEryday. We only get better EVEry single day. This is the only way. #baseballtraining #baseballlessons #coachup #teamwork #champions  Day 1 of the first #baseballtourney of the summer. Let's get it SOBA!
 Some solid #hittingmechanics from this new champion, Miles. #GettinMADE #hittingtraining #baseballtraining  My goofy SOBA DUDES!! Blessed to coach this game and #GetMADE #EVEryday ⚾️
 New stud #leftypitcher, Guy. Welcome to #GettinMADE. Straight up crushing the ball today! #EyesOnContactPoint #baseballtraining #baseballhitting #hittingtraining  My dude Zack got his first blister from #hittingtraining today. Dude is #GettinMADE like a stone cold champion. Love my lil' soba dudes with attitudes!! ☝
 J-Mann #GettinMADE! Been a couple months since we’ve gotten after it. Today we talked about the importance of taking initiative and responsibility of your own life and baseball journey. He’s 8. #plantingseeds and creating foundational thought processes that will be repeated #EVEryday. #SoMADE  Shout out to my boy Kolbe!! He just MADE 9u all stars and he is crushin it!! Dude looks #SoMADE!! #GettinMADE #EVEryday #baseballtraining

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Private Baseball Instruction

We provide private baseball instruction in the greater Los Angeles area. We can work with your player on pitching, hitting, fielding, base running, and the mental fundamentals of the game.


On-line Baseball Coaching

We provide remote baseball coaching for youth players around the country. We can work with your player in real time or we can analyze your players video and give feedback.


Annual Baseball Camp

MADE Baseball provides an annual baseball camp in Los Angeles for youth players. All instructors have professional baseball experience and we work hard and have a blast from the beginning to the end of camp every year.


Baseball Training Programs

MADE Baseball provides customized baseball training programs for youth players all the way to professional. No matter where you are in your career, we have a program that will accelerate your development.



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