Creating Championship Habits

By Coach Isaac

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Creating championship habits is the thing we are probably most passionate about at MADE Baseball. It is simply an EVEryday way of life and something we take pride in refining as we go through the journey of life. We attempt to make our most conscious efforts to be champions in all aspects of life, on and off the field. To be a champion is not just about winning the most games and finishing with the first place trophy.

Being a champion is about having an inherent desire to improve yourself in as many ways possible EVEryday, and to cultivate that desire so much that it creates inspiration for others by simply being in your presence. I believe it is much easier to achieve this connection to self improvement and a hunger for life if you have experienced hardship or struggle. For those that come from plentiful backgrounds and haven’t had to work for much, it is still possible to have this desire. It just comes with a consistent example from the parents and finding ways to create appreciation practices for themselves and their kids.

Championship habits are rooted in appreciation. I have always had a deep appreciation for life and living EVEryday and I feel lucky to be connected to this fundamental state of mind. This connection makes it easy for me to always be refining my habits throughout my day and always helping me to increase my threshold of attention to detail. Most important, it helps me to appreciate beauty in all that I do. My hope is to help teach my players the value of the MADE path.

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About Coach Isaac

What's up! I'm Coach Isaac and I was a professional left handed starting pitcher for seven seasons. I was fortunate to play in five countries, on 11 teams, and win four championships. This was all after receiving a total hip replacement at the age of 19. It was a hell of a ride, and then I created MADE Baseball. I love coaching youth and teaching them what it means to Get MADE.

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