Quick Background:

  • Born in Phoenix, AZ
  • Attended Shadow Mountain High School
  • Attended South Mountain CC(04′), Washington State University(05′), & University of Arizona(06′-07′)
  • 7 year professional pitching career(Left-Handed Pitcher)
  • Created MADE Baseball in 2013
  • Loves working w/Lefties (will work with righties also!)
  • Offering all types of lessons (pitching, hitting, fielding)

Isaac’s Approach:

  • Focuses on a holistic approach to the game, (tailored programs for different ages):
  • Preparation and Stretching Routine
  • Mechanics and Motion
  • Holding Baserunners
  • Baseball and Pitching Awareness and Acumen(AKA when to throw what pitch to what hitter)
  • Physical Strength & Conditioning
  • Mental Strength & Conditioning
  • PRE-Habilitation(exercise program that focuses on strengthening baseball specific muscles to prevent injury

Specializes in:

  • Pitching
  • Hitting
  • Fielding
  • Core Strengthening and PRE-habilitation
  • Optimal Nutrition Education(ONE)
  • Champion Habit And Mindset Practicing(CHAMP)

*Isaac played baseball only in his freshman year of college due to receiving a total hip replacement at the age of 19

  • Received full ride scholarship(academic/baseball combined) to South Mountain CC, team finished 37-11

  • Received full ride baseball scholarship to PAC 12 Washington State University, was not cleared to play due to hip condition

  • received total hip replacement at the age of 19 with plans to rehab all year and return to pitching in 2006

  • Transferred to University of Arizona, rehabbed for the entire year, found Yoga(and Gettin’ MADE) to be foundation for rehab success

  • Was not cleared to play by UofA medical staff due to hip total replacement, thought baseball career was possibly over due to circumstances beyond his control

  • attended open tryout for Chicago Whitesox, Scout at tryout got Isaac signed to first professional contract with an independent league team in Chicago, IL

Professional Career:

*Isaac pitched professionally for 7 seasons, all with a total hip replacement. No one in the history of the game, except for Bo Jackson, has ever played with a total hip replacement before. During his career, Isaac was fortunate to play in 5 different countries for 11 different teams in a total of 8 different leagues. He won 4 championships, a championship series MVP, make two all-star teams, throw a no-hitter, and be named to Baseball America’s top 10 prospects two years in a row(07′ & 08′).

See Isaac’s Full Career Stats

(stats from Czech Republic League, Australian League, and Freedom Pro League not included)

Isaac’s Baseball Video Resume

(Made when Isaac was pursuing a baseball career overseas)


After being out of the game for 3 full years, Signed w/Windy City Thunderbolts of the Frontier League went 10-2(started 8-0 in pro career) with 3.28 ERA in 60 innings pitched, All-Star Selection won Championship and MVP of Championship Series, played for Andy Haines(current AAA manager for the Florida Marlins)


Signed by Chicago Whitesox’ Baseball personnel, not cleared to play by medical personnel due to hip replacement(1st time)


Windy City Thunderbolts, threw a No-Hitter, won Championship


Signed by Sand Diego Padre’s Baseball personnel, not cleared to play by medical personnel due to hip replacement(2nd time)


Signed w/Victoria Seals of the Golden League, All-Star Selection, played for Darrell Evans(20 years in MLB)

July 2009

After starting the all-star game, Isaac is signed by the Boston Red Sox baseball personnel. Isaac flies from Victoria, British Colombia to Boston, Massachussets, only to be told he wouldn’t be cleared to play for the organization. (3rd time)


(mid-season trade) Calgary Vipers of Golden League, won Championship


(late-season trade) Newark Bears of Atlantic League, played for Tim “Rock” Raines(23 years in MLB)


Played in Australian League in Adelaide, South Australia


Signed w/Mexico City Diablos Rojos of AAA Mexican League


(mid-season)Traded to Oaxaca Guerreros


Signed w/Nigata Albirex of Japanese Independent League, did not end up going to Japan due to Tsunami and high dangers of radiation exposure(seemed like a sign that I wasn’t suppossed to go)

March 2011

Isaac gets to throw for Arizona Diamondbacks and once again, baseball personnel(Bill Bryk, advanced scout) wants to sign Isaac and give him a chance to make a team out of spring training. Once again, for the fourth time, Isaac is not cleared to play due to the liability the organization feels Isaac holds in having a total hip replacement. (4th time)


Signed w/Winnipeg Goldeyes of American Association


Signed w/Bridgeport Bluefish of Atlantic League, played for Willie Upshaw(10 years in MLB)


Went abroad to play in Czech Republic Baseball League


Signed w/Phoenix Prospectors of Freedom Professional Baseball League, won Championship

Isaac’s finished his professional career with a record of 49-24, and an ERA of 3.9. He was signed by four different professionally affiliated organizations(Whitesox, Padres, Redsox, Diamondbacks) only to be told that he would not get the opportunity to play for each one due to circumstances beyond his control(total hip replacement). At his best, Isaac was pitching at 91-93 mph and topping at 94 mph.

The adversity that Isaac faced throughout his career fueled him to continue pursuing his goals vigorously. He was consistently resilient regardless of the obstacles he faced, and by no coincidence, he was consistently part of winning teams. Baseball was the greatest gift Isaac ever received in this life, as it served to keep him motivated to continue “Getting Better EVEryday, and Living Like a Champion” in order to optimize his chances to make it as a professional baseball player.