Again, its all in the title. It is so easy for us as athletes, professionals, parents, teachers, trainers, humans…to go in the direction of our strengths and/or stay in our comfort zone. The easiest way to associate this concept is by starting in the gym. At the gym we all have our basic routines, give or take depending on the experience of the person training. Comfort zone and working out are two concepts that don’t go well together….we should always be expanding the zone that we feel comfortable in and have this thought process top of mind, before, during, and after our workout.

Whether we are a gym rat or a rookie that feels lost amongst all the machines, we often gravitate immediately towards what makes us feel comfortable, be it hopping on the bike, walking or jogging on the treadmill, or maybe starting with our normal EVEryday stretch routine. All of these things are great and they should stay prevalent in our routine, but in order to keep getting better everyday we must not let the comfort of these beginning workouts allow us to get complacent. Consciousness of this aspect of working out is crucial. When we continually maintain our focus only on what makes us feel comfortable it is very difficult to truly excel, be excellent, and ultimately…accelerate like an EVEryday Champ.

Simply by making an effort to step in the direction of our weaknesses even if it just mentally, we will quickly see ourselves begin to conquer and achieve things we absolutely knew we couldn’t do or things that we knew that we weren’t good at. It all starts with laying the foundation…the mental process¬†of how we decide to go about our business in the gym.

So, next time you are throwing your bullpen and all you want to do is work on the pitches that you throw the best…do it. Work on them and continue to master your strengths…but DO NOT avoid your weaknesses…ATTACK THEM until they become strengths.

Thanks for reading,