There’s nothing that bugs me more than seeing a quality baseball player, talent wise, look like a schmo on the field when it comes to his appearance and dress. In order to play good you first have to control how you look, and you have to look good. This is an every day aspect of your game and it is something that you can always control. It is something that speaks volumes about you and it will help give a positive first impression to those around you without you saying a word.

Even if you are the best player on the field, you can still be written off by a scout if your appearance is sloppy. I mean, if you have a hose and you drop bombs consistently, then it’s not like you will not have a chance just because you fail to tuck your shirt in often. Although, if a scout notices that your game is on point but you do in fact have your shirt untucked each time he has come to watch you play, then you are just making yourself look dumb and he will have to take the time to explain that to you. So just don’t do it. Tuck your flippin’ shirt in, dude. 

Your appearance is the first message that you send to the other team. The sharper you look, the more likely you will be taken seriously as a strong opponent and the better chance you have to put your opposition on their heals, subconsciously. So, make sure your hat looks sharp, your shirt is tucked in, your cleats are as clean as you can make them, and please, for the love of God, don’t forget to wear your belt. 

Your makeup as a player can be quickly judged. Even if a scout has heard good things about you prior to seeing you play, he can quickly create a negative opinion/first impression if he sees you neglecting the simple task of being aware of your appearance. So make sure you don’t miss this simple yet very significant detail of #GettinMADE. After all, would you show up to a job interview looking like a scrub with a wrinkled shirt, your hair messy and your shoes dirty, so why would you want to look anything but professional when you are on the field? If you want to make it as far as you possibly can in this game, that’s the way you need to approach every time you are on the field – like it’s a job interview and you have something to prove to your potential employer.