Accountability Partners

In the MADE program we have accountability partners. For the first half of the season, our accountability partner is a teammate, in the second half of the season our partner is the person we see in the mirror, ourself. First we learn how to help our teammates stay accountable in their weekly Get Better routine. We write down what our partner did that week relative to the following categories…

1) Baseball – doing learned drills on your own at home, studying the game, etc

2) Fitness – MADE Crush sessions, stretching consistently, yoga, hiking, etc

3) Nutrition – Water EVEryday, no soda! Protein, vegetables, lead by example in your household and amongst your peers

4) Academics – study for a test, ace a test, ask for extra credit, lead by example

5) Family member – help your parents around the house without being told, be a productive, supportive, and quality member of your family, lead by example

After we learn what it means to hold each other accountable for their actions in the first half of the season, we become our own accountability partner. In the second half of the season we learn what it takes to be accountable for our own actions and we realize that we determine our own success.

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    -Isaac Hess

    7 years professional pitcher with over 700 innings pitched, all with a total hip replacement at the age of 19, and the only player in the history of the game to achieve this feat

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