SPEAK UP. Use your words confidently. Practice it, think about it, do it. It is important that you speak confidently, clearly, and concisely in a manner that consistently earns you respect amongst your peers. And have fun doing it!

It is ok if you are a quiet, more reserved person off the field. Once you are on the field, BE LOUD! The baseball field is not a place for those that are timid or shy, at least for those that want to be winners. Be vocal with your teammates and communicate with them pitch after pitch. The more you talk it up in the dugout the more likely you will be focused when it is your turn to help the team. When you are vocal in the right ways you show leadership over those that are too shy to speak up. This is something that you can control on an EVEryday basis.

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  • Be a champion…TODAY

    Another positive phrase to remind yourself how you want to live. More fuel for your subconscious. In all situations, “Be a champion TODAY”.

  • Listen to your body. Respect what it tells you

    Have a profound respect for your body. Realize that it is your most important asset and resource in the world. This realization is crucial to performing at optimal levels and fulfilling your potential as a player and person. Respect your body. Push your body. Get the most that you can out of your body. Know how your body is aligned, see your alignment in the mirror. Stretch a lot. Give your body the respect it deserves.

  • Attitude is EVErything

    Your attitude is the most valuable resource you have on this planet and in this life. Your attitude will always over ride the outcome. Your attitude dictates everything in your life. When you practice having a champion’s attitude about all situations and always doing your absolute best to make champion choices, the only possible outcomes will be positive and you will always experience growth and fulfillment.

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