Build your championship routine

Being a champion starts with having a championship routine. You day-to-day routine from the time that you wake up until the time that you go to sleep will dicate who you are as an athlete and as a person. It is important to be aware of your tendencies and your habits, and to make sure that you consistently adjust and improve your routine. ALWAYS SECOND GUESS YOUR ROUTINE…not from the standpoint that you are always doing something wrong, but from the standpoint that you can always improve.

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  • #OneUnit

    When you take a knee to listen to what coach has to say after the game, take a knee as one unit, not as a bunch of guys with the same uniform on. That means come in close, get close to eachother so that on-lookers see the cohesiveness of your squad. When you are on the field with your team you are on the field with your brothers, your family. In life and in baseball, “no man is an island.” Be someone on your team that consistently keeps your team together as one unit.

  • Be outstanding

    Be terrific. Be amazing. Be wonderful. Be excited to be alive, on the field, in the clubhouse, where ever! If someone calls you and asks you how you are doing don’t tell them you are fine. Tell them you are amazing. You are contributing to the energy around you, to your performance as a person, and it will help you when you are on the field. You choose how you feel.

  • Listen to your body. Respect what it tells you

    Have a profound respect for your body. Realize that it is your most important asset and resource in the world. This realization is crucial to performing at optimal levels and fulfilling your potential as a player and person. Respect your body. Push your body. Get the most that you can out of your body. Know how your body is aligned, see your alignment in the mirror. Stretch a lot. Give your body the respect it deserves.

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