Invest in YOURSELF

YOU are your best or worst asset. Your attitude, your body, your habits, and your approach to life are the components that make up YOU. Invest in yourself means to make decisions with your health as a top priority. It means that you must allocate your resources towards doing what it takes to make champion choices. Build an ‘invest in yourself” state of mind when it comes to YOUR time, YOUR diet, YOUR habits, and YOUR routine. YOU are the one that should care about YOU the most. Take ownership of your life.

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  • Be a student of the game

    Pay attention to the game at all times. Ask questions to your coaches if you are unsure of terminology, philosophy, or mechanics of different situations. Find the little tendencies and/or weaknesses in your opponents that can give you an advantage when the time comes. Be aware of all things at all times. Know the count, know how many runners are on base, know if the guy on first is fast, know if his ankle is hurting because he was beaned by the pitch in the previous at bat, know that the centerfielder runs like a cheetah but he has a weak arm, know that the third baseman is lazy so you can drop a bunt down, know that the pitcher is timid and doesn’t want to pick off, know that the pitcher hasn’t thrown one curveball for a strike and we are in the fourth inning, know that the catcher likes to back pick to first a lot and know that if you work hard you can get him to throw the ball away down the first baseline. Know everything that is happening in the game. Know that there are No Excuses.

  • Attitude is EVErything

    Your attitude is the most valuable resource you have on this planet and in this life. Your attitude will always over ride the outcome. Your attitude dictates everything in your life. When you practice having a champion’s attitude about all situations and always doing your absolute best to make champion choices, the only possible outcomes will be positive and you will always experience growth and fulfillment.

  • Paper Doesn’t Forget

    We like to say that paper doesn’t forget. This helps us to remember to write things down often, and its especially beneficial to keep track of the things you are doing EVEryday in a journal to improve yourself. This is not just for physical workouts like push-ups, pull-ups and your throwing sessions and bullpens, it is also for one’s mental self development, ie: writing down something kind you did that day or writing down your next genius thought or idea. It is very gratifying to string together a long period of time of consistently improving yourself and keeping track of what you’ve done to do so. When things may not be going so good in the future, you will always have your journal of gold that helps you remember what you are capable and it will be there to help you get back on track and continue refining your work ethic and championship routine.

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