It’s not a sprint…it’s a marathon

Baseball is built around failing. The most successful hitters in the game of baseball fail 70% of the time. The best baseball players have the same demeanor after a game regardless of if they went 4-4 and hit for the cycle or went 0-4 with 4 strikeouts. A major league season consists of 162 games, and in order to be a true professional you must never let a bad at-bat or a bad game get you overly down, and on the flip side you must never let a good game let you get overly excited. You will get another chance. Even keel EVEryday.

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  • Separate yourself from the pack…Be different

    Stop worrying about what other people think. Be yourself, be bold enough to be different, on and off the field. Have confidence in knowing that you believe in yourself and you are rooted in integrity. When you are different in a positive way, and you truly do not let the thoughts of other dictate your actions, you will see people soon follow you.


    SPEAK UP. Use your words confidently. Practice it, think about it, do it. It is important that you speak confidently, clearly, and concisely in a manner that consistently earns you respect amongst your peers. And have fun doing it!

    It is ok if you are a quiet, more reserved person off the field. Once you are on the field, BE LOUD! The baseball field is not a place for those that are timid or shy, at least for those that want to be winners. Be vocal with your teammates and communicate with them pitch after pitch. The more you talk it up in the dugout the more likely you will be focused when it is your turn to help the team. When you are vocal in the right ways you show leadership over those that are too shy to speak up. This is something that you can control on an EVEryday basis.

  • Get Better EVEryday…Live Like a Champion -Isaac Hess

    This is our translation of Aristotle’s quote above. We use the word champion in our vocabulary often because we aspire to live like champions, we play the game to be champions, and to win championships. Our common goal is to Get Better EVEryday, to Live Like Champions, and to be better than the other team on any given day. We know we must work hard in order to achieve this feat consistently. It begins with being a better version of ourself each day, from the moment that we wake up.

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