When you take a knee to listen to what coach has to say after the game, take a knee as one unit, not as a bunch of guys with the same uniform on. That means come in close, get close to eachother so that on-lookers see the cohesiveness of your squad. When you are on the field with your team you are on the field with your brothers, your family. In life and in baseball, “no man is an island.” Be someone on your team that consistently keeps your team together as one unit.

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  • Practice humility

    Regardless of how well you are doing, act like you have done it before and be humble about your success. Your sportsmanship needs to be the best in the league EVEryday. Practice humility in your family, in your game, in your school, and in your life. Lead by example.

  • EVEryday Counts

    You never know what will happen in your life and who will be here tomorrow. If you know that you will make the most of each and EVEryday that you have, then you will always do your part to authentically appreciate your time, do everything in your power to accomplish your goals, and consistently strive to do all things that you decide you are capable of and want to do.

  • STOP making excuses for yourselfm, START deciding you can do it

    Its too hot. My toe hurts. I don’t have time….nobody wants to hear. Just figure it out.

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