Paper Doesn’t Forget

We like to say that paper doesn’t forget. This helps us to remember to write things down often, and its especially beneficial to keep track of the things you are doing EVEryday in a journal to improve yourself. This is not just for physical workouts like push-ups, pull-ups and your throwing sessions and bullpens, it is also for one’s mental self development, ie: writing down something kind you did that day or writing down your next genius thought or idea. It is very gratifying to string together a long period of time of consistently improving yourself and keeping track of what you’ve done to do so. When things may not be going so good in the future, you will always have your journal of gold that helps you remember what you are capable and it will be there to help you get back on track and continue refining your work ethic and championship routine.

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    Breakfast is one of the first choices of the day. Do you want to high five your body with something optimal, healthy, and delicious, or do you want to slap it across the face with something that simply tastes good? Research different food options to make champion choices for breakfast. It all counts.

  • EVEryday Counts

    You never know what will happen in your life and who will be here tomorrow. If you know that you will make the most of each and EVEryday that you have, then you will always do your part to authentically appreciate your time, do everything in your power to accomplish your goals, and consistently strive to do all things that you decide you are capable of and want to do.


    SPEAK UP. Use your words confidently. Practice it, think about it, do it. It is important that you speak confidently, clearly, and concisely in a manner that consistently earns you respect amongst your peers. And have fun doing it!

    It is ok if you are a quiet, more reserved person off the field. Once you are on the field, BE LOUD! The baseball field is not a place for those that are timid or shy, at least for those that want to be winners. Be vocal with your teammates and communicate with them pitch after pitch. The more you talk it up in the dugout the more likely you will be focused when it is your turn to help the team. When you are vocal in the right ways you show leadership over those that are too shy to speak up. This is something that you can control on an EVEryday basis.

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