Separate yourself from the pack…Be different

Stop worrying about what other people think. Be yourself, be bold enough to be different, on and off the field. Have confidence in knowing that you believe in yourself and you are rooted in integrity. When you are different in a positive way, and you truly do not let the thoughts of other dictate your actions, you will see people soon follow you.

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  • Invest in YOURSELF

    YOU are your best or worst asset. Your attitude, your body, your habits, and your approach to life are the components that make up YOU. Invest in yourself means to make decisions with your health as a top priority. It means that you must allocate your resources towards doing what it takes to make champion choices. Build an ‘invest in yourself” state of mind when it comes to YOUR time, YOUR diet, YOUR habits, and YOUR routine. YOU are the one that should care about YOU the most. Take ownership of your life.

  • It’s not a sprint…it’s a marathon

    Baseball is built around failing. The most successful hitters in the game of baseball fail 70% of the time. The best baseball players have the same demeanor after a game regardless of if they went 4-4 and hit for the cycle or went 0-4 with 4 strikeouts. A major league season consists of 162 games, and in order to be a true professional you must never let a bad at-bat or a bad game get you overly down, and on the flip side you must never let a good game let you get overly excited. You will get another chance. Even keel EVEryday.

  • Control what you can control

    In baseball we have to hit a round ball with a round bat. If and/or when we make it to the big leagues, we will have approximately .3 seconds to do so(assuming a 90mph fastball). Often times, being unsuccessful at the plate or on the mound will feel like it is out of our control. This is natural because baseball success is built around responding to failure. When we control what we can control, ie; sprinting on and off the field EVERY INNING, having an excellent attitude, picking up our team mates being a student of the game, etc. we are are able to elevate our level of play because we are putting ourselves in a better position to bounce back. Not only that, by controlling what we can control, we are showing our resilience in the face of adversity…something any and all college coaches and pro scouts want to see.

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