TOOF – Think of others first

Life is about your relationships. If you were on this planet alone you would go mentally insane. We all need others in our lives to feel fulfilled and to feel purpose. We all need our teammates in order to have a chance to win games on the field. As people and as teammates we must prioritize the needs of others before our own. We must pick each other up, encourage each other, and be there for one another. Use this amazing acronym as a reminder to consistently work towards thinking of other’s needs first, and then your own. You will inevitably find great reward in this fundamental state of mind.

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  • Listen to your body. Respect what it tells you

    Have a profound respect for your body. Realize that it is your most important asset and resource in the world. This realization is crucial to performing at optimal levels and fulfilling your potential as a player and person. Respect your body. Push your body. Get the most that you can out of your body. Know how your body is aligned, see your alignment in the mirror. Stretch a lot. Give your body the respect it deserves.

  • Erase the word “can’t” from your vocabulary

    Seriously. Stop saying “can’t.” Nobody wants to hear what you can’t do.

  • think Infinitely

    No matter what it is…you can do it. The word can’t does not exist in the language of MADE. When you align with the concept of infinity, you prioritize the process over the result. Your ability to take quantum leaps lies within you. Find it. Embrace it. Practice it. EVEryday of your life!

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