What did you eat for breakfast TODAY

Breakfast is one of the first choices of the day. Do you want to high five your body with something optimal, healthy, and delicious, or do you want to slap it across the face with something that simply tastes good? Research different food options to make champion choices for breakfast. It all counts.

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  • Fall in Love with the process

    Sometimes we don’t like to go to practice and sometimes we don’t feel like working out. We must realize that this periodic lack of desire or motivation is part of the human growth process. It is necessary to always show up. Showing up is half the battle in anything we do in life. Our ability to embrace the negative seeming aspects of our routines and to complete them with willingness and grace will consistently elevate us as athletes and people.

  • Handshake practice

    Practice the way you shake hands. Be a man about it if you are shaking a man’s hand and be a gentleman about it when shaking a woman’s hand. Be aware of your handshake and be proud of it. It is your first opportunity to show another teammate, a collegue, or even a new friend, that you are here and that you are confident. NO WET FISH!

  • Healthy is Wealthy

    Prioritize your health above all things. The richest man in the world cannot buy health. Be a fan of yourself and your cause. Like yourself. Make champion choices regarding your routine of exercise, diet, relationships, and time management. Maintain a balance in your life and prioritize your family always.

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