Our ability to be conscious as humans is directly related to the quality of our lives. Cultivating our awareness as a practice on a day to day and decision to decision basis is crucial to our progress, and the level at which we are able to execute this acute consciousness is proportionate to the depth that we can show love to one another. Using positive language willingly and consistently is not only greatly noticed by the people that we surround ourselves with, but it is also deeply affecting to those people as well, on a subconscious level. Consciously using positive language on a regular basis is one of the best strategies that we can use to look at things on the bright side, to put it simply.

Daily we are bombarded by advertisements, messages, news, and situations that can make us feel angst and/or bitterness to our surroundings. The subliminal messages that are constantly thrown at us like 100 mph fastballs at our heads day in and day out really makes it tough to have a foundationally positive attitude towards our EVEryday decision making processes. It’s a battle to remain positive though the ups and downs of the roller coaster that we call life.

Using conscious positive language strengthens us from the inside out. It helps to remind us of the good that we need to recognize EVEryday. There is so much beauty in the world and when it is blanketed by negative news, mindless time wasting and thoughtlessness it can be easily overlooked. The words we use dictate the feel, sound and make up of how we communicate. When we make it a point to use positive verbiage with a purpose we feel better about ourselves. This is a practice that I was essentially forced into implementing into my own life in order keep moving forward after I was faced with some very negative cards dealt to me at the age of 19. I had to make a decision to move forward or else I would have plummeted in a downward spiral quickly. I chose to be aware of the language and words that I began to use on a regular basis. Starting to harness the power of words like positive, amazing, champion, CAN, cultivate, nourish, desire, passion, ruthlessness, tenacious, achieve, appreciation, infinite, foundation, focus, health, healthy, inspiration, willingness, yes, attitude, accountable, and of course the mother of all(if you will)…EVEryday, has been a practice and tool that has helped my life more than I can ever put into words.

Approaching the day with this ammunition in my back pocket made and makes me better not only as a person, but as an athlete and for me more importantly a pitcher. Stepping on the mound after constantly brainwashing myself to the idea that I CAN no matter what by using these reinforcing words ALL THE TIME made me a better pitcher, competitor, athlete, and teammate.

For the young players that may read my blog, I suggest you write down the positive language words that can most help you, as a person first and as a ball player second. Use them EVEryday, on purpose. Begin to brainwash yourself into not thinking, but knowing, that no matter what, who, when, or why happens…that YOU CAN. Try it…and get back to me with how it affects not just you, but also notice how other people begin to be influenced by your positive language. Then, do your thing on the mound or in the field and stay a winner…EVEryday.

Thanks for reading,