The MADE Baseball philosophy is simple.

Motivation. Appreciation. Dedication. EVEryday.

If you want to achieve your goals, you must create championship habits and create your path.

We’ve created MADE Baseball to teach our players what they need to become champions on and off the field.

MADE Pillars

Championship Habits
From fitness to nutrition, the MADE way is to be attentive to detail and strive to make quality decisions to do what you can to control your own destiny.

Quality Character
Your character and your heart will always supersede your talent. Conducting yourself like a champion at all times will set you apart from the pack.

Master of Mechanics
Mechanics are the foundation. Quality pitching, hitting, and fielding mechanics can greatly reduce any baseball player’s risk of injury and maximize their performance.

MADE Approach

“Training is not optional, rather it is as essential as eating and sleeping. Training is too critical to be random or haphazard.

Most people have a random approach to training and wonder why they don’t get very far. Training must be planned and purposeful, and approached with a crawl, walk, run methodology. Dedication is required to show up and put out EVEryday.
A note of caution: Dedication must be offset with humor and reality checks.”

‘Unbeatable Mind’
by Mark Divine