You gotta look good to feel good to play good.

There's nothing that bugs me more than seeing a quality baseball player, talent wise, look like a schmo on the field when it comes to his appearance and dress. In order to play good you first have to control how you look, and you have to look good. This is an every day aspect of [...]

Keep your GPA higher than your ERA.

Its pretty simple really...

The Power of Positive Language

Our ability to be conscious as humans is directly related to the quality of our lives. Cultivating our awareness as a practice on a day to day and decision to decision basis is crucial to our progress, and the level at which we are able to execute this acute consciousness is proportionate to the depth [...]

What constitutes “In Shape”??

I have come to really appreciate this question and over the years my attachment to it has evolved considerably. For many of us, the relationship we have with our body image is one that we check-in to EVEryday of our lives multiple times a day...basically anytime we look in the mirror. We check-in with this [...]

Reminders and Positive Advertisements

I have found that coaching younger players helps me become a much better player myself. Every time I instruct a player to do something its like I'm telling myself to do the same. Many times I will tell one of my young pitchers to "check-in" on the mound before throwing a certain pitch. For example, [...]

Prioritizing Health

Our bodies are so capable of so much. They are wired to heal themselves at a rapid rate. EVEryday we create billions of new cells with new life that are meant to replace stagnant or old cells that were previously present. This cellular cycle is a fundamental process of our lives that parallels with baseball [...]

FOCUS: Strengthen Our Weaknesses

Again, its all in the title. It is so easy for us as athletes, professionals, parents, teachers, trainers, go in the direction of our strengths and/or stay in our comfort zone. The easiest way to associate this concept is by starting in the gym. At the gym we all have our basic routines, give [...]

Pursuit of presence

To be a premier pitcher you must have the "it" factor when it comes to your presence on the mound. Everyone on the field is looking directly at you before and during every pitch you throw. This means you can hide nothing. You can use this aspect of the game to your advantage, or you [...]

European Baseball Opportunities: 4 Things You Need To Know

How to throw a 4 seam fastball

Baseball pitching grips can be a tricky one for a beginner, or even for an experienced professional. The way you put your fingers on the ball can greatly affect your pitch. Click one of the links below to jump straight to whatever pitch you would like to know how to throw. How to throw a [...]